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What Every NFL Team’s Rookie Class Must Accomplish in 2018

The NFL’s newest influx of rookies from the 2018 NFL draft will be asked to make an impact of varying degrees by those teams that walked to the podium and announced their names in Arlington, Texas.  

Missions assigned to each rookie vary by circumstance. Some rookies only have to sit and learn for a year to the best of their ability before taking over. Others get thrown into the fray right away with the expectation being a unit-wide change, if not one reshaping an entire division and playoff outlook. 

Speaking of Big Ben, he now has third-round quarterback Mason Rudolph sitting behind him. It’s interesting, as the Steelers traded up to get him yet would have taken him rounds earlier if they truly thought he was franchise-quarterback material when Big Ben calls it quits. Rudolph is a capable player, of course, but he’ll have to convince the coaching staff he should get in games over Landry Jones if something happens to the starter. 

Now, it’s paid off in a major way, both literally and figuratively, even though his 2017 campaign wasn’t quite as strong as the prior one, posting a 91.4 passer rating with 20 touchdowns.

He’d often flashed the potential to become one of the Cheap Bike Jerseys For Men league’s Cheap Barcelona Jerseys top quarterbacks since the Falcons selected him with the third overall pick in the 2008 draft. The 2016 season was the first time he played at a top-tier level for the entire year, and he has the Most Valuable Player Award to show for it.

His success carried into that year’s playoffs, with seven touchdowns and no interceptions as Atlanta knocked off the Seattle Seahawks and Green Bay Packers to reach the Super Bowl.

The Falcons jumped out to a 28-3 lead on the New England Patriots before Tom Brady and Co. stormed back to win the title in overtime. Ryan still had another impressive showing, connecting on 73.9 percent of his throws for 284 yards and two touchdowns in the heartbreaking loss.

All told, it was a banner year for the Pennsylvania native. Falcons head coach Dan Quinn explained to Jeff Schultz of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution what he believed allowed the four-time Pro Bowl selection to reach the upper echelon of NFL signal-callers.

Thompson had no points and just three rebounds in 22 minutes.

This is a tough call, because a Packers-Patriots Super Bowl would produce that super-fun duel between Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers. Cowboys-Patriots would inflate the Super Bowl into something we’re not sure anybody could handle given the mega-personalities on and off the field on both sides.

Better than C-W III? Bigger, for sure. The Seattle-New England matchup in Super Bowl XLIX is the most-watched show in U.S. history. We’re confident at Dallas-New England matchup would beat that.

“Tyronn Lue knows that. They’ll clean it up,” Carlesimo said.

Physicality. After reviewing the Game 1 tape, Lue determined the Cavs must play more physically to disrupt the Warriors’ offense, ESPN.com reports.

“I think, just make them feel us,” Cavs forward Kevin Love said Friday. “That’s something that I imagine Ty probably talked about with the (media) and we can definitely do a better job of.”

Said Thompson (via Yahoo! Sports), “I think the Cavs on Sunday will make a plan to not let (Durant) get so many easy buckets around the rim. I expect the Cavs to play a more physical game on Sunday to combat that.”

Role players. A J.R. Smith 3-pointer was the first basket of Game 1. He didn’t score after that. Reserves Kyle Korver and Deron Williams were held scoreless. But in terms of lack of production from role players, Tristan Thompson is culprit No. 1.

Thompson had no points and just three rebounds in 22 minutes.

“I think Tristan will come out in Game 2 and be Cheap Bike Jerseys For Men a lot more assertive and just use his will to get rebounds on both sides of the ball,” Love said. “He’s Cheap Bruins Jerseys so capable and so good at doing that, no matter who we’re playing, against any team in the league.”