Except when you have a Clayton Kershaw or a Justin Verlander or even a Dallas Keuchel, who the third time through the order they are still your best option relative to your bullpen.

Except maybe for your closer. In the minor leagues, it’s rare that pitchers get to go deep, but I do know that while we have limited our pitchers in the lower levels, once they get to Triple-A, we do want to make sure our starters have an opportunity to go deep into games.

From there, it’ll be up to a pitcher-manager partnership at the big league level to push the envelope until eventually you find that you have a Verlander on your hands.

The guy who can do it over 30 starts in a season, or a 15-year career like Verlander has done, is a rare feat. For one, it takes health. The ability to go deep in a game will always exist in this game. The information will always tend to want you to get to your bullpen a little bit faster. But I can recite a lot of games during my short managerial career where I might have been foolish to take a guy out.

Of course, The first four years of his deal amount to a total of $26.7 million, which is an average of $6.7 million per season. That’s slightly more than the league’s better backups will receive on their deals. (For example, Nick Foles originally signed a two-year, $11 million deal with the Eagles before renegotiating it this month.)

Even if you factor in an inconsistent debut season like his 2016 campaign, the upside for the Eagles is getting a quarterback worth $95 million while paying $26.7 million over the first four years. Even if you think Wentz has only a 30 percent chance of turning into that kind of superstar going into the draft, you’re right to take a shot on a quarterback with the second overall pick. The numbers aren’t and can’t be exact, but you get the idea: The upside for drafting a Cheap Authentic Baseball Jerseys quarterback is getting an absolute bargain.

When you do the same math for running backs, though, the numbers Cheap Authentic NHL Jerseys aren’t anywhere near as appealing. There are only 11 active four-plus-year contracts for running backs.

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