Joe McKnight’s killer gets 30 years

The man who shot and killed former NFL running back Joe McKnight will pay a step price for the crime. Ronald Gasser has been sentenced to 30 years in prison.

Let this be a cautionary tale to all drivers who rage behind the wheel of their car at other drivers, Judge Ellen Kovach said at the sentencing hearing, via She added that McKnight’s death could have been avoided if Gasser simply had the good sense, the courage and the wisdom to simply disengage.

O’Reilly retired the final 13 batters he faced, starting with the strikeout to end the fifth. He threw 119 pitches in the game, 79 for strikeouts. Third baseman Carmen Sclafani was 2-for-4 for Rutgers; Hagenman took the loss for Penn State (6-10), falling to 2-2. He allowed four runs on six hits in six innings of work with three strikeouts and two walks.

Standout Rutgers center fielder Jawuan Harris was back with the team after missing the last eight games due to suspension, but he did not start and did not appear in the game.

I asked one of the best contract minds around, former Eagles team president Joe Banner, whether these rumblings had any merit.

Game-changer does not mean everybody gets a guaranteed contract, Banner replied. It means some star players at key positions can get them. It means every player should be getting a higher [percentage] of deal guaranteed than they have been.

In other words: This may be the start of guaranteed contracts entering the NFL’s bloodstream. Sloooowlyyyyy.

[Jets corner] Tru Johnson effectively got a three-year deal Cheap Indiana Pacers Jerseys that is [mostly] guaranteed, Banner continued. [Sammy] Watkins and all free agents this offseason have gotten a much higher percentage guaranteed than in the past. Every player and agent should now ask, ‘Why am I signing a deal with one or two years guaranteed but giving away my Cheap Ireland Soccer Jerseys rights for five to six ‘


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