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Make it three drives and three punts for Green Bay.

8:57 p.m.: The Vikings also go three-and-out on their second drive and punt.

8:52 p.m.: The Packers punt on their second drive after a three-and-out. Minnesota will take over at its 30 with 6:20 to play in the first quarter.

Ryan’s been fine in 2017, his 64.7% completion rate and 91.4 QB rating pretty much in line with his career norms. Of course, that’s the problem. His 2016 resume now seems like a career season rather than an indicator he’d made the leap from good to elite after his TD pass total dropped by nearly half (38 to 20) and his INTs nearly doubled (from seven to 12). Ryan hasn’t had one three-TD game this season, has seemed generally out of sync with his teammates and new OC Steve Sarkisian and too often struggled to leverage the team’s best player, WR Julio Jones. Still, his 218-yard, one-TD, turnover-free showing in Los Angeles represented winning football — Ryan and Co. generally did just enough this season in order to return to the playoffs — and sustaining that level could just mean survival in this wide-open field.

Foles wishes he had Ryan’s problems. He threw four TDs in his first start after Wentz went down, but it came against the Giants in Week 15 and now appears to be fool’s gold. Foles has struggled since (47% completion rate, 48.2 QB rating), and the Eagles offense has managed just 16 points in the past nine quarters. He played well enough in his only other playoff start four years ago, former coach Chip Kelly’s only postseason appearance, but expectations seem higher now for a team that looked championship caliber when Wentz, a far superior athlete to Foles, was in the lineup.

In 1998, the team was sold to author Tom Clancy, but Vikings president and part owner Roger Headrick claimed to hold a right of first refusal to buy the team. I was Headrick’s top aide, but I had Clancy’s people asking to meet with me. Talk about a precarious situation.

Then Clancy backed out, Headrick lost his case and the team was sold to Red McCombs. While all this was taking place, I had to do my job and negotiate major contracts with potential free agents, including our best defensive player, then-future Hall of Fame defensive tackle John Randle, and star running back Robert Smith. I figured whoever owned the NFL Jerseys From China Vikings would want us to retain our top players, so I signed them, and they helped us to a 15-1 season.

As will be the case with the Panthers once the team is sold, everyone in our front office was trying to impress McCombs as the new owner. We all were hoping we would be safe after a great season that ended with a heartbreaking loss in overtime to the Falcons in the NFC title game.

It was a weekly walkthrough routine in which players were supposed Wholesale NFL Jerseys Free Shipping to go half-speed while practicing plays. Normally, there’s no contact and every pass is complete.

Jacksonville already has done that, routing the Steelers at Heinz Field 30-9 in Week 5.

Through 36 games, the Washington Wizards have a record of 11-6 against teams that are .500 and above and 9-10 against teams that are below .500. It is somewhat easy to see how a team could be better against good teams over a small sample size, whether it be because key players happened to be injured against bad teams or out of simple randomness. But there’s often a narrative that emerges around playing down to one’s opponent. Is there any empirical reason to believe that that is a real phenomenon over the course of a full season?

We did beat them the first time, so to have all the confidence coming out of there is interesting, Jaguars DT Malik Jackson says. They got a bye week, so they’re probably feeling really confident. We’ll see Sunday.

Tennessee (10-7) at New England (13-3), Saturday

All the numbers favor the Patriots extending their record of consecutive title games reached to seven. They are, by far, the more experienced side: 14 Patriots players have played at least 10 playoff games. That’s more such players than the 11 other 2017 playoff teams combined (13). Tom Brady has a 6-1 career record against the Titans, throwing for 13 TDs and one interception. He’s 11-2 in 13 divisional-round games since 2002 and has completed 316 of 509 passes for 3,700 yards and 28 TDs in those games.

The Jaguars might be the real threat to the Patriots in the AFC, with the defense causing so many problems and Blake Bortles growing in confidence and efficiency. Their newness to the playoff party might, in fact, be an asset.

The Saints are consistent in how they beat teams, with Mark Ingram and Alvin Kamara providing the heartbeat that fuels both the offense and the defense. They need to avoid slow starts come playoff time, however.

But neither Saunders nor Mitchell appeared to foster his development in other areas of the game, be it passing, defending, especially in a team concept, or rebounding. They also seemed content to let him continuously default to his natural desire to Baseball Jerseys Wholesale pull-up inside the three point line for long jumpers.

Tom Thibodeau changed things up offensively last season, putting the ball in Wiggins’ hands on the perimeter, and asking him to run pick-and-rolls as the ball-handler (while NBA Jerseys For Sale sticking passing maestro Ricky Rubio in the corner for 2/3rds of the season.) That was not a huge success, as Wiggins posted a career high in usage, but did not show any consistent ability to make plays for others.

The Seattle Seahawks are the only team with a chance to replace the Atlanta Falcons and keep the most recent Super Bowl runner-ups from the postseason.

It certainly was beneficial to have Gurley on your fantasy team this season, but that hasn’t always been the case. Last season, he disappointed a lot of fantasy football players NHL Jerseys Cheap as he gained only 885 yards on 278 attempts.

Although he will sit out the final regular-season game to rest for the playoffs, ultimately risking the rushing title for this season, he will finish 2017 with 2,093 scrimmage yards and 19 touchdowns.

No matter what you think, if you read through these stories that these folks are telling, they’re all about stories from back in the day, McNeil said. They’ve been season ticket holders for years. They bleed brown and orange. They want a winner.

They’re celebrating what we had before, telling inspiring stories of watching with their families. We can all relate. In a way I think this may be cathartic for people kind of burying last year and going forward.

They have a home game against a divisional rival, the Arizona Cardinals. Their overall chances to reach playoffs are 23% as in addition to their win, an Atlanta defeat is required.

Jordan Greenway is set to become the first African-American to play for Cheap Jerseys Online USA Hockey at an Olympic tournament, breaking a color barrier that is nearly a century old. Jeff Swinger-USA TODAY Sports
Emily Kaplan, NHL reporter: Hockey struggles to be inclusive — yes, even now, in 2018. It can be classified as a sport of privilege, thanks to its high cost to play. The sport is also still predominantly white. I found Chance the Rapper’s SNL skit — in which he played a basketball reporter thrust into hockey sideline reporting — greatly amusing, in part because it pointed to an uncomfortable truth. While the sport has made strides to ensure that hockey can be for everyone, there’s still a long way to go. There are about 30 black players in the NHL. Jordan Greenway, who was selected to play for Team USA at the 2018 Games, will be the first African-American player ever to make a U.S. Olympic hockey roster. It’s a barrier that took 98 years and 23 Olympic cycles to break.

He erased his own legacy here, let’s be serious, Pouncey said, via 93.7 The Fan. It’s crazy. It blows my mind.