Cowboys LT Tyron Smith is ‘a freaking test-tube baby,’ says Chargers’ Joey Bosa

The Cowboys have desperately missed left tackle Tyron Smith during their two-game skid. He’ll be back Thursday, and Chargers defensive end Joey Bosa can’t wait to go against him.

“It’s always exciting to get to play great players and (Smith) is one of them,” Bosa said. “Their whole offensive line is held in high regards.”

Jurich is a man of average height, but even at 61, he carries himself with a pugnacious, intimidating intensity. Charming and warm one minute, he is sometimes defensive and suspicious. As athletic director, Jurich rarely texted or used email, fearful it could be used against him. “Why have more fodder for people?” he says. “You know how I communicated with people? I picked up the phone, and I went to their face.” Since the university began digging into his records, he says, “That’s the question I get most: ‘How do you conduct business?’ Well, I think we conducted it pretty damn good.”

O’Brien has generally been praised for his work in Houston the past three years, taking a team that finished 2-14 in 2013 to three consecutive 9-7 finishes, including AFC South titles the past two seasons.

And O’Brien wants to return, even if he realizes that Cheap Jerseys Ireland decision ultimately rests with team owner Bob McNair.

“I enjoy being the head coach of the Houston Texans,” he said. “I’ve got a great group of guys to work with. My family and I enjoy being here.”

Delanie Walker, Tennessee Titans, ankle, 4:05 p.m. ET: The most important note for Walker is that he’s off the pregame injury report. He has played through various Cheap Jerseys Mastercard injuries already, including the ankle, and shows himself to be effective as an outlet for Mariota week in and week out. His last practice was a full session on Friday, so there are no concerns when it comes to his status against the Cardinals.


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