Rising Bills, respectable Jets, rotten Giants top NFL’s big early surprises

What in the … How in the … Who would have … Huh?

Four games into every NFL season, things happen completely different from what most expected. This year has not been immune to huge surprises that make us question everything we think we know and our entire being.

In the end, the unpredictable nature of the league is what makes us love it. At the end of the season’s first quarter, here are the standout shockers, starting with New York, New York, and yes, New York.

Here we go again for more foggy fun in London. Running back Jay Ajayi returns to his birthplace trying to help wake up Miami’s offense after Jay Cutler laid that egg against the Jets. The Saints’ defense would seem like a good opportunity for a big rebound rushing game, but they are coming off an overachieving win in Carolina. In a game with some shootout potential with plenty gunslinging, it’s hard to trust taking Cutler over Drew Brees.

This is a key early battle to see who will be right there with Green Bay to vie for the NFC North title. Whoever is playing quarterback for Minnesota, Dalvin Cook will remain the lifeblood of the offense, and when he’s running well, it’s difficult to slow down both Stefon Diggs Cheap Jerseys Borntrade and Adam Thielen downfield. The Vikings can render the Lions more one-dimensional Cheap Jerseys Cn and make Matthew Stafford uncomfortable with Mike Zimmer’s front seven in constant attack mode.

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