Michael Floyd will be the most skilled receiver on the team this season

Burfict drew a massive $69,454 fine in December 2015 for a combination of two unsportsmanlike conduct penalties and a hit on Ben Roethlisberger in a loss to the Steelers. A month later, Burfict was suspended three games for a helmet-to-helmet hit on Antonio Brown in the playoffs that concussed the wide receiver.

But Burfict’s lengthy history of rash play goes way beyond the AFC North rivalry.

The top two recruits in the state of California on just about everyone’s rankings for the class of 2009 were Burfict and Mater Dei quarterback Matt Barkley. The pair of five-star prospects met for games against each other as both juniors and seniors, and it certainly appeared as though Burfict aimed to hit Barkley in the knees in one of those games.

In his past two healthy seasons (2014 and 2016), Nelson caught 98 and 97 passes, respectively. And last year, Nelson didn’t even hit his stride until the second half of the season after coming back from his 2015 knee injury. — Rob Demovsky

Michael Floyd will be the most skilled receiver on the team this season, the one who makes the most difficult catches and probably the one who is targeted most in the red zone.

Floyd is suspended for the first four Quality Cheap Jerseys games of the season, and you won’t find him on many preseason lists for Comeback Player of the Year. But he looked great Wholesale NHL Jerseys in training camp and will resurrect his career in his home state. — Kevin Seifert

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