he backtracked a bit from his comments on Wednesday.

That is who people want to see in the Derby, exciting players who challenge records and do extraordinary things. They don’t necessarily want to see a journeyman who is having hot three months. To fill the latter quota, Eric Thames of the Milwaukee Brewers, who has 23 home runs after spending three years playing in Korea, is a much better story than Morrison.

In fairness to Morrison, he backtracked a bit from his comments on Wednesday.

“That was not about Gary Sanchez whatsoever,” Morrison told Marc Topkin of the Tampa Bay Times. “That was about a flawed system.”

Sanchez, who again has more home runs than Morrison since last year’s All-Star Game, took the high road on Wednesday.

“It’s an honor to participate in the event,” Sanchez said, per Bryan Hoch of MLB.com. “It’s not my fault that he didn’t get selected.”

Morrison still does have a chance to head to Miami. He is one of five players in the Final Vote, with fans selecting the 32nd and final roster spot for each league. Voting runs through Thursday at 4 p.m. ET, and MLB sent out a ballot update earlier Wednesday.

From 1901 through Monday, just 23 players have managed to reach 1,000 career hits during their age-25 campaign. Maybe 23 doesn’t sound incredible because it’s not a single-digit number of a list of one. But 10,707 non-pitchers are listed in Baseball-Reference’s database as having picked up a bat between 1901 and now. Trout is one of just 23 of those to reach 1,000 hits before their age-25 season ends. Just 0.21 percent of players have done what he’s managed. That’s as good as any single-digit rank.

Trout picked up 1,000 hits while he was, in baseball Cheap Soccer Jerseys years, 25 years old. Since 1913, MLB has seen 1,449 non-pitchers make their debut on or after their 26th birthday, out of 9,815 non-pitchers who took the field in that stretch, total. Trout reached 1,001 hits before 15 Cheap Team Baseball Jerseys percent of all baseball players of the last 104 years who had even gotten started on their own careers.


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