we know it’s tough to catch up on everything happening in the baseball world each morning.

The Nats don’t necessarily need to be done adding to the pen, either. If they want to go for the total overhaul, they still have two weeks to make deals before the non-waiver trade deadline. And with the White Sox clearly selling at a time few others are, maybe the Nats will end up with David Robertson as has been foretold.

You might think Pablo Sandoval falling apart was an inevitability, but really, there is only one lesson the Red Sox can draw from signing him as a free agent. And it’s kind of one that teams just have to ignore to succeed.

Aaron Judge’s power is impressive, but it wasn’t enough to stop Jackie Bradley Jr. from nonchalantly hopping up and snagging a would-be dinger from the deepest part of Fenway Park. Maybe the most impressive thing about it is the faith the Red Sox fans had in Bradley stealing a homer away. None of them go for the ball!

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Maybe most importantly, Devers isn’t meant to be some kind Cheap Jerseys And Jordans of savior for the Red Sox. The Sox are in first place in the AL East with the American League’s second-best Cheap Jackie Robinson Jerseys record despite having a smoking crater where their third baseman is supposed to be.

For those surprised the Red Sox would call Devers up even though his defense at third isn’t where it needs to be yet: Remember that Dave Dombrowski was the Tigers GM who moved Miguel Cabrera’s glove to third base to make room for Prince Fielder’s glove at first base, and never once was the roster designed for J.D. Martinez to be the primary designated hitter.

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