In memory of Don Baylor, master of the HBP

Don Baylor, former MVP and manager of the Rockies and Cubs, passed away at the age of 68. He was widely respected around the game, and he will be missed.

Baylor was responsible for huge postseason home runs for three different franchises, which was a neat trick. He started in 1982 with the Angels …

The Home Run Derby is comprised of three rounds, with head-to-head, single-elimination matchups in each round. Each batter gets four minutes, and can earn an additional 30 seconds of bonus time by hitting two home runs of at least 440 feet (spoiler alert: most will!).

Stanton obliterated the field in 2016, setting a Home Run Derby record with 61 home runs, including 24 in the first round.

As the top seed in 2017, Stanton will battle Sanchez in the first round, with Judge facing Bour, Bellinger facing Blackmon, and Moustakas facing Sano. In each round, the higher seed hits second.

Should things hold serve, we will get to see Stanton vs. Judge in the final round, which is essentially the dream matchup. Stanton for years has dominated the Statcast tracking for longest and/or hardest-hit home runs, but Judge has taken some of that thunder this season with prodigious shots of his own.

When the rules changed, my perceptions changed. That was the Todd Frazier year, when he lit up the Great American Ball Park crowd, and the clock added a sense of bus-will-explode urgency to the whole mess. Before that, SB Nation was known for making fun of the derby mercilessly. The Frazier Derby made me reevaluate it all.

Last year’s derby with Giancarlo Stanton made me think Chicago Blackhawks Cheap Jerseys that it was more important and interesting than the All-Star Game.

The run-up to this year, the hype surrounding Stanton and Aaron Judge, has Create Cheap Jerseys convinced me. People care about this more than the All-Star Game, which isn’t the highest bar to clear, but still.


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