NBA commissioner Adam Silver says sports betting will be legalized

At the moment, only Nevada, Oregon, Delaware and Montana allow sports betting. However, Adam Silver said that won’t be the case for much longer.

The NBA commissioner said it won’t be too long before more and more Cheap Dan Marino Jerseys states will allow sports betting, which gives good interaction for the fans.

“My sense is the law will change in the next few years in the United States,” Silver said Tuesday at the Paley Center in New York. “People want to bet throughout the game … It results in enormous additional engagement with the fans.”

James appreciated the backup.

“He was protecting me from getting shoved. It’s about it being a brotherhood around here and not letting anything happen to each other,” he said.

Anderson denied he intentionally knocked down James, but he also didn’t take offense at Irving’s enforcer move. Fans looking for a fight on this night would have to look elsewhere.

“He was just protecting his teammate. I think he saw LeBron went down … He fell, and it was kind of weird because I didn’t think he was going to fall as big as he was,” Anderson said. “It wasn’t a dirty play on my end and I don’t think it was dirty on his. I was fine and we continued to move on.”

The Cavaliers went on to win, 122-105, to snap a three-game losing Cheap Dolphins Jerseys streak and remain a half-game behind the Celtics for the No. 1 seed in the Eastern Conference.

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