MLB Non-Stars: The most disappointing performers of 2017’s first half

Last week, we took a stab at naming one All-Star squad that spanned both leagues, and judging by the actual rosters that were announced Sunday we guessed pretty well.

But what about, for lack of a better term, the Cheap Queensland Reds Jerseys Non-Stars? The players who’ve put up the most disappointing first halves in baseball, relative to expectations? What would that team look like?

Imagine the 2006, 2007, and 2008 Dallas Cowboys teams with Favre under center. In 2007 it was the Cowboys who were the NFC’s top seed, with the Packers right behind them. Many thought a 1995 NFC Championship Game rematch was going to happen, but the New York Giants wrecked that Cheap Quality Baseball Jerseys party (it’s been almost a decade and we’re still not over it). Considering Favre lost the Giants anyway, it’s hard to assume the Cowboys would’ve beaten them with him.

It was an older version of Brett Favre in Minnesota that ended the 2009 season for Tony Romo and the Dallas Cowboys… could that team have gone any further with Favre under center? The answer is not likely. Romo played magnificently across 2009, and the reason Favre’s season in Minnesota ended was an ill-timed interception during the NFC Championship Game (which also happened in 2007 against New York) in New Orleans against the eventual Super Bowl XLIV Champions.

Bill Parcells has long been credited for finding and developing Tony Romo. Romo himself has praised Parcells on many occasion. What sort of world would it have been had the Tuna traded him away for Favre?!

Of all the places that he did win, Brett Favre Cheap Queensland Jerseys never won a game in Texas Stadium. Had he been traded to the Dallas Cowboys, at least he would have likely done that. Thankfully though, Parcells and the Cowboys held off and we got to experience the entire career of Tony Romo.

Plus now we have our own number four.

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